The Loch Lomond Mys...
By csduffy
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What if the killer stalking you is from a thousand years ago? This story has fantasy elements as it involves time travel, but there's a bit of thriller and probably a spot of chick-lit in it too! Linley is still reeling from her boyfriend of five years walking out on her when she wakes up in hospital to discover that she has misplaced a year of her life. Craig didn't dump her out the blue three days ago, it was a year and three days ago and he has just moved in with his new girlfriend. Worse, Linley is in hospital because she was brutally attacked - and the police believe she is involved in the spate of gruesome murders that stopped abruptly a year ago and started again when she reappeared. In a corner of Loch Lomond there is a tiny island where time moves at a different pace: spend an hour there and you'll leave to find a year has passed, shelter for the winter before attacking Dumbarton Castle in the year 1032, you might find yourself in 2017 and faced with Linley, an MMA master with a broken heart and zero patience with grouchy Vikings... Before Again is the first of the Loch Lomond Mysteries, a time-travelling fantasy thriller. It's weird and dark and laced with black Glasgow humour - if Sookie Stackhouse were powered by Irn Bru. NOTE: LINLEY'S STORY CONTINUES ON HER BLOG...

Chapter 1: Rock Bottom

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The Loch...
by csduffy