Famous Phoenix (On...
By XBeautyBrainsX
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Phoenix- A person considered as uniquely remarkable in an aspect. * A big place like Las Vegas doesn't have room for amateurs, especially coming from a low budget like Elena. She's only dreamt of becoming the new It Girl with fame and fortune like the one and only Diana Pierce, but it was only a fantasy. Diana Pierce, the diva star who performs an all-known concert at The Bellagio, held an audition for the open-spot to complete her chorus. Will Elenas vocals finally get her big break to fame? If so, what happens if Diana's insanely attractive ex-boyfriend, the entertainment director, suddenly sparks an interest in Elena? Will he keep it professional, or will the business become a bloodbath between all? * * * * (First person POV) Warning: This story contains some mature scenes. Famous Phoenix. Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Famous Ph...
by XBeautyBrainsX