Monster Girl Advent...
By ImaginationGone
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A small adventuring group of monster girls and demi-humans come together and take on an epic quest to defeat the warlord Cataclysmos and his armies. Lyra has had only one dream for as long as she can remember: to adventure and see the world! Though not many adventurers are vampires like Lyra! Along with Phoebe, a witch, Lavender, a zombie, and Ofelia, a lamia, they travel the world seeking out the next great journey. They travel to villages beneath lakes, cities in the skies, and everything in between! But not all is well with the world. A warlord by the name of Cataclysmos is seeking to conquer the globe. With each adventure the group of monster girl adventurers takes, they resist Cataclysmos and his armies. Are they up to the ultimate quest to stop Cataclysmos and bring peace to the world? Mature warning: strong violence, some strong dialogue

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Monster G...
by ImaginationGone