I Will Never Be You...
By asminc007
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'Love has the power to tender the broken, but self love has the power to change' Sequel to 'It was Always you' This is the story of Arjun's Beloved Princess Ananya and Jai's pride Aayan ! Ananya Thapar, A cute Bubbly girl, who believes in true love and is waiting for her Prince Charming, She loves her family and grew up listening to her parents love story and wants to have her own one day.. Aayan Varma, A cold hearted man, who believes that everyone in this world selfish, he is heartless and feels no women is worth his time and they can just satisfy a man's material needs... What will happen when these two opposite personalities who detest each other come together because of their respective Fathers Wish... What will happen when their Dads come to know that their kids don't live the life they anticipated they are living.. What will happen when Arjun comes to know that his daughter's life is a living hell, made by his best friend's son ! Will Arjun & Jai's Friendship survive...? Will Ananya and Aayan ever find love in their bitter relationship...? Let's see... Hey guys ! Though it appears to be any other typical love story... Believe me ! It's not...:) Cover courtesy :@nagapriya ❤ All Rights Reserved Copyright © Akanksha Mishra™

Sneak Peek #1

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I Will Ne...
by asminc007