An Opera Ghost - A...
By cashleykate
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{{REVISED AND REWRITTEN}} A curse for one and a blessing for another. When Christine noticed the swell in her stomach, she realized the price she was paying for one night when her heart belonged to another. There was no keeping the newborn that came. There was no keeping a reminder of that time. Raoul had a simpler plan- infants die everyday- but while they had been told the Phantom was long dead, Christine refused to believe it. Now the child is in the hands of her father, left behind at the Opera Populaire. A prize to the Phantom, a charge to the Giry's. The opera house will rise again if only to house the growing girl, named by her father after the leading lady in his opera. Aminta. A ghost in the opera house alongside her father, the Phantom. {{This story is an alternate to Love Never Dies. The events of that musical are non-existent in this story}}

Chapter One

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An Opera...
by cashleykate