Supers Wear Spandex...
By YourAverageNerd_
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Xander Mendez isn't sure he knows what's real anymore. Yesterday he was sure he was a superhero protecting Kingdom City along with friends, but now he was being told all of that was made up. Xander isn't a superhero. He's a patient in a mental institution. Everyone he thought he knew is someone else. His best friend is his short-tempered hatful roommate, the girl he loved who he saw die is his therapist, and his friend the vigilante badass is a lunatic stuck at the mental age of nine. Nothing seems right. Maybe Xander really was a mental patient. Maybe he did make it all up. Maybe he was crazy. Meanwhile, in the world Xander thinks he made up, a heinous villain is trying to take over the city with a severely addictive drug, a vigilante is having second thoughts, a hero is keeping his love and nemesis captive, and an agent is coming to terms with his past. And the city's only hope may be a speedster stuck in a prison of their own creation.

Chapter 1 - You're driving me crazy

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Supers We...
by YourAverageNerd_