In to the Gourmet W...
By reganmf
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Heavenly Kings x OC Mariposa, or Mari, was just a regular young adult, who just so happend to love anime. Her latest obsession was the Toriko anime, she loved everything from the hunky heavenly kings to action packed fights and tasty looking dishes. She wishes she could live in the Toriko world, a dream come true. Well, she got her wish, when a sudden storm strikes her home and she suddenly finds herself dropped off in the world of Toriko. Mari is in for food, adventure, and maybe even romance along the way. How will she survive in this new world and who will win her heart? All characters and main story line belong to toei animation. I do not own toriko, only my oc and what ever else i add to the story. Some of my pics will be under editing for a short while. Nothing major, just correcting some grammatical errors and updating some images. Thanks for the support!!!


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In to the...
by reganmf