The Elements (Peter...
By thankspatrick
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Peter Wentz III is different. He is in a group of only a thousand people on the entire planet that have special powers. He is shipped off to Ace's Academy for the Talented and Gifted - a school seemingly normal to outsiders but completely different for those that attend. They will have no contact with anyone in the outside world until they graduate. There he meets many people who respect him for his ability to control Water and one person that despises him for the same reason - Andy Hurley, the only boy able to control Earth. He quickly finds out that Andy is only trying to protect his friend, Patrick, who has been through many past abuses. He will have to get Andy to to trust him to be able to complete his ability class, which means he graduates and gets to go back home to his family. Throw in a crazy teacher, a recovering addict for a principal, and the possible chance of love, and we have the perfect recipe for disaster. And awkwardness. But mostly disaster. #18 in trohley - 10 aug 2018 #15 in trohley - 13 aug 2018 #08 in trohley - 28 jan 2019


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The Eleme...
by thankspatrick