Need You, See You (...
By HaddieHarper
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#Wattys2017 Need You - Chad Danes has found his forever. Fresh out of high school, Chad becomes a father and starts building a life the love of his life. But what he does not expect is to find that he could potentially be in love with Dora, his girlfriend's best friend. How is that possible? [Camp NaNoWriMo Project (July 2017)] See You - Dylan Danes once lost the love of his life, but not again. After bumping into Belle, his high school girlfriend, at a gas station, he is determined NOT to let her slip away, whether her parents like him or not. (short spin-off) DISCLAIMER: I will be posting as I complete chapters. They will be unedited until after I've finished the challenge. I will continue to update my other work, provided I still have content to post. If I don't, bear with me. I will work on my usual writing projects after July has ended. As of July first, I'll be in a writing cave, only coming out when there's something to say. Cover Art by: @CarKann (She's awesome!)


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Need You...
by HaddieHarper