My Hotheaded Paladi...
By Mojomac14
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'I thought I lost him forever. My brother, Takashi Shirogane, went on the Kerberos Mission about a year ago and was lost. But he came back. His hair is different and he has a scar and a robotic arm but he's still my brother. Even though he came back, he came with information and warning. When saving him from the Garrison, I ran into Keith. I realized that I still love him but that's the least of my worries. Because my brother was talking about some super alien weapon named Voltron. What... could it be?' As the new Purple Paladin of Voltron, you must protect the universe and your fellow paladins. And hopefully, they will protect you. But, there is also hope that one certain paladin will not only protect you but love you, as well. {I own none of the characters or the art or the music in the story. The show is a Netflix original, Voltron: Legendary Defender. Just so you know...}

[Welcome One and All!]

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My Hothea...
by Mojomac14