The Unusual Luna
By siska_yuri
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Winner of the 3rd place in The Poe's Awards 33#in werewolves and 338# in werewolf 01/12/2018 1# in Healers 27/07/2018 4# in Unusual 17/08/2018 ********************************************* "I'M SO OUT OF HERE" I start yelling Once I got to that road I pressed on the accelerator all that's possible why not it's empty It was like that for 10mn until my phone starts to ring on the passenger seat, shifting my eyes to it for a second then back to the road... No! someone is crossing f**** pressing on the brakes all I could...too late, I think I hit him!! I heard something fell down...SHIT Raising my head slowly and rushing out of the car to find a man no...a guy about my age laying on the ground covered with blood OH NONOO OHMYGOD OOOHMYGOD OMYGOD Running to him, laying on my knees beside him "I'm sooo sorry I didn't see you---you you just came out of nowhere... are you okay f***, of course, you're not..." He was just looking at me wide eyes and shaking his head he gripped my hand and growled YES GROWLED "MINE" "What? Wait I will call for help" I said and before I could move he tightened on my hand nothing rough just to stop me from moving "Stay!" he said "No you need help" "lm okay don't worry I will be fine" he starts moving "Don't ..." he cut me and put his head on my lap looking up at me without releasing my hand from his; Looking down at him to see him starting closing his eyes... SHIT "SHIT!" he said at the same time as me "You really need help I will call for someone please" "NO!" he said Well yes!, Standing after putting his head slowly and carefully on the ground but he was still holding my hand so I forced it out from his; Running back to the car looking for my phone, where is it...? found it! I gripped it fast and found Phillip calling I pick it up quickly and getting out of the car back to him running "Hello" I heard but before replying I stopped in my way looking at the empty stained with blood road...HE WAS GONE #WattPride

Note & Chapter I.

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The Unusu...
by siska_yuri