Claiming Her
By Kisa_Ona
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"No need to be shy, Angel. We already kissed. I'll be keeping this hair tie and remember what I told you." I said as I walked towards her. She stepped backwards but I caught her wrist and pulled her flushed body against mine. I tucked her hair behind her ear and pecked her lips. She snapped her eyes at mine and looked at me with wide doe eyes. I pecked her again and again and again. "Tyler Black. Remember that name." I said and stepped back. I walked towards the door and unlocked it. I stepped out while grinning like an idiot. It only took one night, one party and one punch for attraction to spark and ignite between them. ----------------------------------------------------------------- There'll be some scenes that you might not like or trigger you so, here I am warning you that there will be some scenes inappropriate for fifteen years old and below. Cover made by: @averysummers

Chapter 1

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by Kisa_Ona