The Mafia Leader's...
By LittleRubyy
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"You are never going to leave my sight ever again." His voice was hushed as he whispered in my ear. His grip on my waist was tight as his tone was threatening. My face felt hot and I noticed him glancing down at my lips. How can man so cold and ruthless make me fall to my knees. "Let me go." I kept a straight face. "Oh baby girl, we both know you don't want that.." He was right. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet Amelia Clair, a simple city girl just barely passing by, but being an assistant to the world's most pickiest boss is far from what she had imagined and also the fact that every time he glances at her way, makes her weak to her knees. Then comes in Damon Blaine, CEO of Blaine Enterprises. Also a major crime lord, controlling most of the city. He knows what he wants and gets what he wants and what he wants is Amelia. With his cold and heartless personality, will he lure her or drive her away? What happens when Amelia accidentally hears something she wasn't supposed too and got too deep into Damon's business. Falling for a Mafia leader shouldn't be this easy, but for Amelia, it was.

Chapter 1

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The Mafia...
by LittleRubyy