The War (All Chapte...
By EliotEverdeen
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The dark rises and the light to meet it, this is the saying that every child has heard over and over. This is the basis of almost every story you've ever read or listened to or watched, yet in the world of Foros this seemingly simple fact is not simple at all. Amalia Crestman has wanted to kill the king of Feralis since the day her parents were viciously murdered by makraz. Lues Conclamata, said king, just wants to end The War and prove once and for all that he's not the monster the world claims he is. Katlyn Marx has lost nearly everyone she loves, and holds with an iron fist the last person she holds dear. Ilena Conclamata has suffered more tragedy than anyone should ever have to, but still she stays strong for the little brother who sits on a throne that should've been hers. As the world becomes infinitely more complicated, their lives become increasingly simple, survive to end The War. Along a road fraught with betrayals, romance, war, and death, these four heroes must journey to find themselves and save the ones they care for. Highest rank: {1 Thewar} {98 in Heroes} {23 in Ancient} {38 in OriginalStory} {84 in Strong} {112 in Immortal(s)} {129 in Female} {41 in Weapons} {27 Maleprotagonist} {91 in HighFantasy}

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The War (...
by EliotEverdeen