Descending Magic
By KatarynaL
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • danger
  • dragons
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  • magic
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  • teen


Celosia has known since birth that she wasn't like the other people around her. Her parents always told her to keep to herself and to not draw attention. The only one that could ever keep her company was her dragon, an Antarctic Dayfrill named Eira. It also didn't help matters that Celosia was crippled by the king. After the incident with the king, the kingdom of Ellessa remained distant from higher power affairs. With Lord Ivan and Lady Elia in charge of Ellessa they would ensure their daughter's safety. Ensure that she wouldn't be found out to be what she truly was. A Draconisi. A believed to be extinct species who's blood ran gold instead of red. Centuries ago King Jahkar's father had banished any and all forms of magic, claiming that magic would be the end of men. He frightened men, telling them that in the night magical beings would come and slaughter their babies and wives. Thus started the war between men and magic. Creatures were being killed left and right until magical beings seemed to no longer exist. The few that were left seeked refuge among each other, preparing themselves for more unexpected warfare. All were now thought to be dead. With magic gone and fear set aside the five kingdoms of Nightriom lived peacefully. Ellessa, Harrox, Syn, Woark, and Utwrait. Tundra, Grasslands, Ocean, Forest and Desert. All facing the same fate. There is a hidden danger. Unseen with the naked eye, unknown by the common people. Celosia can sense it, but no one else seems to notice. Not until a strange family travels to Ellessa and turns Celosia's world upside down.


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by KatarynaL