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A Ghost Bird Fanfiction The spring semester is now underway, and the Blackbourne team has continued their mission. Still unaware of the plan his family has put together, Kota Lee is trying to figure out his relationship with Sang Sorenson and how to help her stay on his team when disaster hits Ashley Waters. In the aftermath, Kota must handle challenges, accusations and revelations that he never expected to face. The rest of the family is there to support Kota, but they must deal with their own issues as well as discover how all of this affects Owen Blackbourne's plan. This is fanfiction of C. L. Stone's Ghost Bird series. All characters belong to her. I've just borrowed them for my own plot. For the most part, this is Kota's story with some chapters in Sang's POV, although the other boys will occasionally get a POV as well. For purposes of plot, the Christmas detailed in First Kiss occurred for the most part, though the camping trip and subsequent events depicted did not happen. (Thus, Kota does not know about the plan, only Victor knows about Sang's secret regarding showers, and Sang herself does not know that she is a ghost bird.) As I came up with this before Black and Green and any future books, those events have not occurred either. This is a reverse harem that (mostly) sticks with canon. Beware: Foul language alert. There's also some violence as well. Trigger warnings should not be expected.

Ch 1: The Spark

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