Attack on Titan: Lo...
By CatraSimp
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Eren Jaeger, humanity's last hope and everyone's favorite angry titan boy has been having strange feelings. The only emotions he's ever felt were brief moments of happiness and lots of RAGE.He's never felt this way before. Ever since he lost his mother to a Titan he's only wanted one thing. To kill ALL THE TITANS. After successfully capturing Annie and almost killing her, he's felt bad. He should hate her. She killed all those people. She tried capturing him. Even after all that he can't hate her. Mikasa however, has been acting noticeably different around him. She's been clingier than usual. Eren loves Mikasa to death but he doesn't know what to do with her. He used to be able to ignore all feelings except for rage and push them into the back of his mind. Now he can't escape.

Warnings and stuff

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Attack on...
by CatraSimp