Escort Me Baby (#2)
By reetilicious
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(BOOK 2 OF MAFIA LOVE SERIES) EXCERPT: "I don't get you. At times you're trying to kill me and then you're seducing me. I can't seem to figure you out." "I'm a puzzle, Mr. Azallion, with a million pieces." Her soft lips kiss my jaw as her fingers run down my neck. "Put me together and you'll unveil all my secrets." My neck arches further back when the flesh on my neck is bitten by her, forcing me to dive my nails into her ass before she pulls away and motions me to get on my feet like her. "All the pieces are in front of you. Fence through the false ones and bind the true ones together." *** Athena Estle possesses the beauty of Aphrodite, compelling all men to her feet and ready to serve her in any way possible, but looks can be deceiving. She lives up to her name with her fierce and ruthless attitude of the Ancient Greek Goddess Athena herself. Being a former member of the most powerful mafia organization just adds fuel to her personality that scares even the most strongest of men, so who the hell does Eros Azallion think he is by pushing the strong woman to her limits and challenging her in any way possible. The funny thing is that he doesn't realize that she's the coach of the game he plays. What happens when the evil billionaire woman decides to buy him and make him the new play toy, placing a month's deal that he can't refuse? Will his dominant side finally be the able to tame the wild cat and rule the dominating woman or will she scare him away with her oozing power and secrets that threaten to pour back into her life? On the battlefield of dominance, one is bound to wear the crown while the other worships them. Who will win this dirty game? Only time can tell. Can you handle a dominating, sexually confident, powerful woman or is that too much for you? MATURE CONTENT SUCH AS SEXUAL SCENES, FILTHY LANGUAGE, TRIGGERING MOMENTS, AND VIOLENCE.

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Escort Me...
by reetilicious