The Cowboy's Forgiv...
By meeksadorable
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[[Book2]]] Bethany Thomas thought she had it all and she did. With nothing to worry about and no responsibility she lived her life enjoying everything that money could buy. She was the typical rich girl that no one could stand but even those girls deserve to have their side of the story told. What happens when this spoiled self centered woman goes from citizen high to citizen low? Jordan Walters the oldest of the Walters kids. After going through so much disappointment in life he's dedicated his life to his siblings and their family farm. He's no saint in the sheets but he's not one for commitment. A damsel in distress comes along and starts to crumple the fort of protection he's spent year's building around his heart. You can't get hurt if you let no one in right? Read to find out about these two broken, stubborn misunderstood souls coming together...pun intended ;)


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The Cowbo...
by meeksadorable