My Yandere Neko Gir...
By djsmilez22
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Yuki met Yuni on a winter night long ago in his dreams, or, what he thought was a dream. When Yuni comes back for her beloved Yuki, he has to deal with Yuni and her murderous ways, while trying to keep her hidden from the police because even though she may be a handful, she's still his Yandere Neko Girlfriend>o< Excerpt: "You're not right in the head," "So what?" she replies almost immediately. "So long as Yuki loves me none of it matters." she smiles and leans down. She picks up something, and when she turns to me I can see what it is, it's a heart, dripping with blood. She squeezes it and it explodes, blood covering her face. She licks blood off her hand evilly and smiles at me. It's sweet and genuine, and if she weren't covered in blood she would look picturesque, but there's something cold behind that smile, it's psychotic. My eyes widen and my stomach churns. "You're sick." "Yes, I guess I am." She smiles and drops the heart as rain begins to fall. She begins to laugh, softly at first, then louder and louder, until she sounds like a madwoman. It's bone chilling and shakes me to my core. "But, all sins can be washed away by the rain, can't they?" she asks, giving me that sweet, innocent smile I saw when I first met her. Yuni Sadou, the yandere after a boy's heart, is about to kill me, with her own two hands.

1: Meeting Yuni

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My Yander...
by djsmilez22