The Tendrils of Fate
By inksorcery
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The City of Reyza, the Jewel of Ibea, is known for its colorful markets, exotic courtesans, and its underworld where lives are as short as a gossip's silence. Renowned jewel thief, Jarle 'Jars' Jadien, has had it with the parsimonious gray-haired harpy whom he serves. Seeking to escape her clutches, he embarks on the heist of a lifetime. He infiltrates the home of Avaren Ensther, the king's bride, and steals her dowry gifts. Jarle is about to escape a rich man, when a hired assassin breaks into the girl's bedroom and threatens her life. Unable to stand idly by while Avaren is brutalized, Jarle saves her life. Together, Jarle and Avaren flee to a hidden grotto deep in the wilds where terrible secrets are revealed. Avaren is not some hothouse flower, but a Naera-a mythical creature born of a mortal and a mermaid with the power to bend men's wills. And she wants revenge. As three moons begin a cataclysmic alignment that floods the streets of Reyza, legacies topple, romance blooms, and a faceless terror is unveiled. In the end, no one can escape the tendrils of fate.

Temporary Note 11/22/2017

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The Tendr...
by inksorcery