The New Girl
By Shasta_jen
  • Werewolf
  • alpha
  • choices
  • conflict
  • girlpower
  • highschool
  • mates
  • responsibility
  • romance
  • secrets
  • werewolf


June Love is the next alpha of the Blue Delta pack. After her older brother died from rouges, June has the responsibility of taking care of the pack once her father steps down. She already taken most of the pack responsibilities since her mother is sick and her father is always at his mates side. But out of nowhere her father sends her off, 3,000 miles away. For the last year of high school she will be with her uncle in Oregon, whose not like any werewolf. He acts like he isn't one! June has to learn how to be the right alpha for her pack but must act human for a year. This year won't be easy for her. Especially with the new people she meets. .... She never wanted a mate so just guess who she will run into.

Chapter 1

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The New G...
by Shasta_jen