Sold to My Werewolf...
By Dancingharley16
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Some parents are just cruel. They make their kids get jobs while they sit and spend all the money. But when the kid isn't bringing in enough money what do they do? That's right they sell them. Whether they sell them for sex, or to be maids, or to be punching bags for angry drunks, it's downright disgusting. Catalina Maddox tried to provide for her worthless mother. But one day her boss let her go because of the terrible economy. Her mom couldn't take the loss of her single sourced income. So she registers to sell her daughter online. However her mom didn't expect to sell her to her soul mate. Emmett Jackson was the most powerful Alpha. His pack, the Bloodstone pack, didn't take crap from anyone. So will they except their new Luna? Better yet, will their Luna accept and want to stay with them? -Wattpad has made it private so follow me to read it :)

Sold to My Werewolf Mate

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Sold to M...
by Dancingharley16