Teach Me to Kiss
By Onymous
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"Andrew Greene, can you teach me how to kiss?" My life changed as soon as I heard those words. ---- Meet Andrew Greene, the cliché rich playboy who has everything he needed, everything he wanted and more. But the real question is, does he really? Does he have everything? Meet Farrah Lockhart, the nerd who's a nobody except that she's the best friend of the most popular jock in their school. The girl who's desperate enough to be loved that she goes and asks something very difficult and embarrassing. Witness as these two meet and find out that love was always easy and at the same time, not. PS. I don't know how to kiss, so lessons here are more like factors to help me with the story and not really gonna help you how to kiss. So yeah... Hope you guys read it. :) PPS. Originally known as 'How to Kiss' Copyright © 2014 by Onymous. All rights Reserved.

How to Kiss

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Teach Me...
by Onymous