Not since You have...
By JillDavis
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I walked into the office building at eight am passing people in the foyer as I headed for the elevator to go to my office on the twelveth floor. Juggling my briefcase in one hand with a fresh expresso from the corner coffee shop, a notepad and files in my other hand with my purse over my shoulder, I smiled to an older gentleman as he smiled back when I asked him to press twelve after we got in the elevator and thanked him. After getting off on my floor I greeted the receptionist and a few co workers while I walked past them to my office then closed the door with the toe of my new two inch heels. Setting down the briefcase on my desk, then the coffee, note pad and files on top off the stack left from yesterday, I sat in my plush leather chair and took a deep breath. My secretary buzzed saying my first appointment was at nine so I had some time to get organized before they showed up when I put everything in it's place then scanned over the file of my first appointment. I sighed as I read the file knowing that today would be a difficult one, as I have seen this teen, Lola, just two years ago and she is back into her normal routine, hanging around gang bangers, doing drugs and has a juvenile record spanning three years . She is now sixteen and if I don't get her straighten out, the courts will toss her in juvenile hall until she turns eighteen. My name is Alexia Quincy and I am a probation officer for the state of California, working in Los Angeles, and I have been doing this now for two years, my caseload is right now ten teenagers with more to come I'm quite sure as the summer has now begun and school is out.


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Not since...
by JillDavis