Green Garden (Amor...
By Everlasting90
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{Editing In Progress} Thor Siegmund just wanted a break from the noise of the gala being thrown at his family home. The gardens have always been a place of peace for him. He didn't expect to be interrupted by a wandering guest. He also didn't expect to be so smitten by her. Amara Gawoni was just a plus one to the Siegmund gala. She decided to take a breather and admire the grounds. She didn't know she would come across the noble host' son nor that she would connect with him in a natural way. Literally. A short story about a rugged English aristocrat and beautiful American expatriate that Nature itself brings together for a night and a day. (This story is the product of a writing exercise, a way for me to overcome my block. I didn't expect to create an actual story. I was inspired by Thor/Ororo fanfiction and ABC's Still Star Crossed so Chris Hemsworth and Lashana Lynch served as inspiration for Thor and Amara.)

The Cast

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Green Gar...
by Everlasting90