The Shy Beauty, and...
By taty_ABM
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Working as a waitress in New Jersey wasn't actually Analeina dream job, but she managed to make it fit into her life, though she always wished for a new opportunity or adventure. But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for. When Analeina accidentally spilled hot coffee on one of New Jersey's most available billionaire and bachelor Jaxon Terrace, she didn't expect that to be her opportunity. When the angry billionaire demands that she pays back for the clothes she ruined, she admitted to having no money but the Billionaire wouldn't have any of it. He accepted her in his employ for a period of time as his secretary in order for her to pay back for the clothes. However, when the time was up, and the debt was payed, Jaxon wasn't ready to let Analeina go, but when she wasn't too excited to stay in his employ, the beast in him came out, and the shy beauty was his sole victim. Will Jaxon win Analeina's love in the end, or will she see him as nothing but a beast unworthy and undeserving of love? __________________________________________________ -Sneak Peek- "Jaxon, I payed off the money that I owed, what more do you want from me?" Said Analeina as she stared in disbelief at the unfolding events. "You're right, you did, but money is no longer what I want. I want YOU! And I ALWAYS get what I WANT!" Sneered Jaxon as he stared down the shy beauty in front of him. Her fear, her tears, and her uncertainty aroused the beast within him, and that beast was going to get that beauty, no matter the cost.


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The Shy B...
by taty_ABM