The Bloodshed Killi...
By poppylavender
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Haris follows closely behind until we reach the main entrance of the building. We stand behind the glass doors and stare in shock at the new world that we are now forced to call our own. The trees, which had once been green with life, are now dull, drained of color as if an illness has taken over. The grass is now dry and yellow, like the winter season had come early this year. In the distance, I could hear car alarms going off and people honking at each other. Further down the hill, cars collide together to form a massive build-up of at least 20 vehicles with a raging fire caused by the spilt gasoline. I look at Haris with tears threatening to spill from my eyes, "How are we gonna get home?" "I don't know," he truthfully answers while gripping my hand. I knew a war was eventually going to happen, but I never pictured it coming so soon. --- Cover by @divinare HIGHEST RANKING: #60

Chapter One

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The Blood...
by poppylavender