Capture:The Enobrea...
By sokovianlady
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A land cannot be governed without a ruler and Odius Blackwood is far from being one. The land of Highmere is home to the Harvesters, a race dedicated to protecting their land and supplying the food for Enobrea. When the royal village is taken over by a deadly disease, Odius must withdraw from the shadows of his Father and study to become King. However, a rebellion lingers in the Forest of Life, causing Odius to question who he can trust. Aelia Elderson hasn't been outside the Forest in over two years, not since her Mother died. Her Stepmother, a caring woman, sends her out to find fresh herbs and fruit. However, a mix-up gets her stuck with a man named Odius Blackwood. What will he do when he finds out that she has the same last name as the man whose leading the rebellion? Love, Blood, Betrayal, Revenge. The journey begins in Capture, the first book in the Enobrea Trilogy. ▲▲▲ NOTE: ((Enobrea is pronounced as E-NO-BREE-UH)) ((Aelia is pronounced A-LEAH-UH)) ((Odius is pronounced OH-DEE-US)) Special thanks to @decimate for making this marvelous cover ^_^

Prologue: The Faces of the Fallen

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by sokovianlady