Hating You Sweetly...
By romolavinia91
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Laura couldn't recall a single incident which would result in the cruel hatred Chris had apparently developed just for her. It was like her every breath, every move would offend him. To the outside world Chris was a drool worthy, composed, intelligent person but in Laura's eyes he was a disturbed individual with the perfect disguise. Yet if he hated her with such unexplainable, meticulous passion then why were there moments where his lips would come crashing down on hers. This ignited physical desire was nothing more than an unnatural upheaval. Even though she knew it was wrong Laura fell defenseless against the sweet jaded temptation. What happens when they need that sick twisted comfort to survive? When they depend on each other like a drug? Because the only true solace Chris got from his pain was when he was kissing Laura. Could it be true? Can love really spring up from the depths of hate? Hating You Sweetly is a TWISTED Romance. ***** This is a new edited version of my original "Hating You Sweetly" story. This one also has a few new extra scenes. I hope you enjoy.**** Thank you MLAddix_ for the bookcover. I love it 😁😚

1. Engagement Party

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Hating Yo...
by romolavinia91