Camp for the Emotio...
By kinda_needs_help
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*Completed All these teenagers...they're all fucked in the brain. At least during the school year they've got supervision and a counselor on hand. Summer though- that's a different story. That's how Medowveiw Camp for Teens got started, back in the eighties. Now it's run by George Washington and his wife, Martha who is a licensed therapist. It's another summer coming up, just like the rest. After a while you can kind of link all the kids together, they're all the same anyway. Broken home, bullies, eating disorders. You name it, they've been to the camp. Some kids have been here too many times. John Laurens, for example. Seventeen and having been attending the camp since he was fourteen. He absolutely hates it, it's the same every year and offers no help whatsoever for his so called mental illness. He wants this year to be his last, but something changes his mind from the moment he steps into his cabin.

Part One: Summer of Junior Year

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Camp for...
by kinda_needs_help