On The Run
By arieannacook45
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My only focus was her pretty pink and soft lips. We was fighting for dominance as the kiss got even wetter. I unbuckled her pants so I could fit my hand in the pants. Once I did I rubbed my fingers across her clit gently still kissing her with dominance. I started to get hard as I heard a soft moan slip form her lips. Lil mama was sexy with everything she did. Just before I could stick my to fingers in her entrance she grabbed my hands stoping me. "We can't". She says pulling back from my lips. ******* Key'oni La'shai Davis is a foster child she ran away from the home to Atlanta. One shoot out leaves duchess as a target to a king pin Devil. Through the all out war between Smoke and Devil leaves key'oni to learn the ropes of the game. Ever heard of Bonnie and Clyde yep then let's hear about Duchess and Smoke What happens when love finds its way in to the equation. Will the war between devil and smoke tear their relationship up before it starts? Will everyone stick together or will they disband? Will there be snakes in the grass? Or will the whole thing go down in flames?


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On The Run
by arieannacook45