Teaching Submission
By AudreyPuhl
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Have you ever thought about sleeping with your math teacher for a grade? Well I have. And I did... 16 and failing math class. No need to freak out, happens to just about every 16 year old out there right? My names Ali. Or Allison Perez. You see, I have this class with this teacher whom is ridiculously hot! Thing is, I'm failing that class and with some self persuasion I've come up with a stupid plan. 26 and teaching students of South Brook high school. I'm James Freedman. I enjoy my job, and my students. Some more than others but I still enjoy them. But when a failing student that you've come to see takes a liking to you, offers to sleep with you...what do you do then? There's the obvious answer but then, there's the stupid answer that you just can't turn away from.

Chapter 1: Bad Grade?

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by AudreyPuhl