Innocent Prisoners
By esssea
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"In a room that held the most dangerous men, stood an angel." ~ Daisy was a beautiful, naïve daughter of a proud, wealthy family. Somehow, she agreed to go prison to protect her family's dignity. Only she didn't know that it would be at Bluebird Prison... for Men! Alone and afraid in an unknown place with strange people, she tried her best to disappear into the shadows, wishing nothing more than to escape. But, that was impossible when her adorable personality and doe eyes held an innocence that could capture any man's heart and drop them to their knees. A heart she did unknowingly capture belonged to none other than Seth. While she was sweet and shy, he was dangerous and struck fear into the strongest of men. A dominating aura was carried proudly around him yet when he met his lovely Daisy, he was instantly wrapped around all of her tiny fingers, knowing he'd do whatever possible to give her everything she had ever wanted. ~ [ONGOING]


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by esssea