Local Flavour [Wat...
By mmmartin10
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**A WATTPAD PAID STORY** Lucy McLean's confidence is shattered when she arrives back in her small Nova Scotia hometown to help her parents out with their failing restaurant. She's been dumped / fired by her fiancé / boss and is desperate to get back to Toronto and win him back. But she has more than a broken heart to contend with. Hothead celebrity chef Quinn Allen's in town and the family diner is taking part in his national restaurant TV contest. Looking more like a bouncer than a chef, handsome Quinn's got the local gals in a tizzy. Distracted and distraught, Lucy slowly embraces the contest and gets back on her feet, charmed by the attentions of the famous chef. Being together would mean professional disgrace for him, and losing the restaurant for her. So they agree: it's cold showers and friendship during the hottest summer on Nova Scotia record. Will they keep to their pact, or give in to a taste?

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Local Fla...
by mmmartin10