Local Flavour (Book...
By mmmartin10
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Lucy McLean returns home to help her parents win a national cooking competition, only to fall in love with its host: handsome celebrity chef, Quinn Allen. ***** Lucy McLean arrives back in her hometown with her confidence shattered. She's been dumped and fired by her fiancé (who was also her boss), but she has more than a broken heart to contend with: her parents' restaurant is failing so they're taking part in a television contest run by hothead celebrity chef, Quinn Allen. Distracted and distraught, Lucy struggles to embrace the contest, but as she gets back on her feet, she's slowly charmed by the attention of the handsome, famous chef. The two of them grow close, but being together would end Quinn's TV career and doom her family restaurant. Can she wait until the show is over, or will she give in to the heat of Quinn's kitchen? (Book one of the Local Flavour series) [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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Local Fla...
by mmmartin10