Twisted Death
By TheBiologist13
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Brandon had lost an eye, an arm and a leg. Also, he was dead. But it took more than that to stop Brandon "Beyond the Grave" Heat. Reanimated and gifted with the immense strength and endurance of the undead, he dedicated himself to protecting his family: the mafia organization who took him in, the doctor who monitored his health regularly, and the little girl who taught him to live like a human again. That his heart was still very much alive presented a problem in his line of work. When the family members of his caregiver and close friend Dr. William Rutherford began dying one after another, the Mafia suspected that treachery was afoot. Brandon trudged through hordes of undead monstrosities to uncover the truth, despite being haunted by his own demons. === WARNING: Contains graphic depiction of violence, character deaths, mentions of child trafficking and slavery. This is an "open" Gungrave fanfic: You do not need any fandom knowledge to understand it. If you are curious, fandom notes and overview are provided inside. Illustrations (except Fandom Primer and Prologue cover) drawn by S0rahana.

0. Fourteen Years Ago

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Twisted D...
by TheBiologist13