what nobody knows;...
By MeixangWong
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Lee Daehwi was never a big fan of kpop (despite being Korean). While his female classmates argued over BTS and EXO Daehwi stayed in his seat silently jamming to Big Bang, not really caring about the king of kpop title as much as those girls did. And aside from Big Bang, did Daehwi actually listen to any more Korean pop music? No, not really. Consider him the most outdated of kpop gossip out of all his classmates. Daehwi didn't mind though. Even though sometimes he doesn't really relate in the kpop conversation, Daehwi still fitted in with everyone else either way. But then one day, when the famous visual member of Kpop duo "WinkDeep," Bae Jinyoung, transferred into Daehwi's small international school, Daehwi finds himself slowly getting invested in the boy's activities as a kpop idol. At first he wonders if it's because his heart has suddenly taken a liking to kpop after the many years of being indifferent to it; or if it was because all of a sudden with a kpop idol transferring into his school, Daehwi had decided to finally be updated just to be friends with the famous boy. But to his surprise, it was none of that. Because when the popular idol suddenly confessed his feelings towards Daehwi, he realized all along what he was interested about. Not kpop. Not becoming the friend of a famous idol. But simply; Bae Jinyoung himself.

intro + characters

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what nobo...
by MeixangWong