(Book 4) Hayden Mac...
By jyothi89
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"One final question." I said. "Do I have to find out by myself about why I am called the Fire of Vengeance?" "Hayden..." "Now please don't tell me, that you don't know anything about it. Because I know, that you know." "And how did you know may I ask?" "Singh told me." "Sure he did," he said sarcastically, "Hayden we'll talk about it, soon." "No, not soon, Today. Now. Doctor I trusted you when you told me you know nothing about it..." "Than I want you to keep trusting me." "Just now you told me that I have find everything all by myself and is there anyone else better than you to answer me?" "We will definitely talk," he repeated, "But not now, not today." "When?" I asked, quite firmly. "Right after I come back from Uttarameer." Cover Credits - Devesh Soni

Hayden Mackay's Note

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(Book 4)...
by jyothi89