Our Strange Differe...
By NineteenEighteen
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Lance is fed up. In all his years, he has only known life inside the Castle of Lions. As he described it, a prison cell disguised as an extravagant home for the royal. He longs to get away, but his newly crowned sister, Allura, won't have it. So, against her younger brother's wishes, she hires a bodyguard to keep him 'safe' inside the castle. But, the new guard turns out to be... odd. Not quite Altean, not quite Galran. Compared to Lance and the rest of the empire, one could say Keith has many strange differences. *** "So..." Allura continued, clearing her throat. Her neck likely aced from looking up for so long. "I know you're not going to like this news, but... It's for the kingdom's best... It's for your best. If something ever happens to me-" "Yeah, yeah. I'll have to step up as king." Lance mumbled. He just wanted to be done with this conversation. Whatever bad news Allura was about to tell him, he didn't even care. His life sucked. How could she possibly make it suck any more? "I've hired a bodyguard." Lance nearly tipped off the wall. He was wrong before. There was a way to make Lance's life suck more! "W-what!" He spat, throwing his arms out to his sides to keep balance. "You did what now?" *** Cover art credited to: feradoodles.tumblr.com Altea Dictionary: TICK: second DOBASH: minute VARGA: hour QUINTENT: day QUIZNAK: Altean curse word GROGGERIES: currency TELUDAV: a device which uses scaultrite from the Weblum to create wormholes. SLOVEN-DAY-HO: gone WAZN: the Altean star (not cannon) PURPLE JUNIBERRY: a type of Altean flower ALTEANS: Altea inhabitants GALRA: Lord Zarkon's race which fought against the Alteans

1- Little Troll, Wear The Mask

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Our Stran...
by NineteenEighteen