The FrozenLands
By TheStarPegusus
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MY FIRST FANFIC, IN NOT THE GREATEST WRITER. If anyone comments sin count or incorrect genetics, you will be blocked. An AU of Warriors where a new ice age strikes. All humans are wiped out, but miraculously, the clans, survived. (Keep in mind, this is an AU, so mammoths can be alive if I want, its my freaking story) Ivystream, a Shadowclan cat, ventures out to find her clan. Ever since the Great Freeze, she was alone. Soon, she finds a clan camp, buried in snow and ice. As she looks around, a corpse she finds has large holes in its side. The dangers of the Frozenland brings her many challenges to face, as she looks for her fellow clanmates. I DO NOT OWN WARRIORS. WARRIORS AND ALL OF ITS CHARACTERS BELONG TO ERIN HUNTER.

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The Froze...
by TheStarPegusus