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By Rosie_bri
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You can't make black till you mix a lot of dark colours or can you make it-- "Name?!"a bark was an understatement as I came back to reality staring at a tall dull frame far away with ankle to knee and dull eyes with no glimmer or emotion or story to te-- "Don't you speak English?!" He finally looked up from his desk now eyeing my black pencil skirt. "P-p-p-Patricia J-jo-Johnson"shivers ran down my spine and a gust of wind flew past me before I noticed the tall frame that was once faraway from me was now only inches apart. "Welcome to the millennium towers.You will be our company's new architect--don't disappoint."He started walking past me when he made a quick 360 and my knees almost gave out. "You start tommorow at 9 sharp,no tardiness and my P.A. Angelina will email you the rest." I shook my head and stood there in silence. "You may leave." It was like a minute went by before I noticed that he had disappeared through a translucent glass door on the right of his desk.I walked toward it an-- "Miss Johnson you may leave now"Angelina escorted me out of his office before giving me a faint whisper. "Mr Black doesn't appreciate nosiness so I suggest you don't go looking for answers that you don't have questions for". She heal stretched down the hall swaying her hips in her tight office skirt and fitted shirt with a wide opening. What does she mean by Mr black?


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Mr black...
by Rosie_bri