The Perilous Nature...
By CharlieWritess
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Louis Tomlinson is an English born detective with a hate for crime and a passion for justice. Even though life in L.A. is far from boring, Louis finds the crime he deals with monotonous and just hopes to get his life together as a single, almost thirty-year old man. Upon working on a case he meets a suspect Harry Styles-Boswell who's accused of murdering his husband. He seems quite different from your average cold-blooded murderer. Louis discovers things about him that ultimately change his perspective of people, love, and lust as a whole. Harry Styles the young, libidinous , model sex-icon known by the media may have more than what he bargained for. (HAPPY ENDING) Cover art by IG: harryslacegarter

The Perilous Nature Of Lust - Prelude

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The Peril...
by CharlieWritess