The Street Child (M...
By Monstahoe
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"I still don't understand why you took me in." "Don't you get it? It's because I'm in love with you." • • "You're not going to leave me too, are you?" He whispered in a wobbly voice, like a child scared of the dark. "Never." • • Kim Yuna is as normal as an ordinary eighteen year old girl can be, but her life is a mess she can't seem to cope up with. This mess takes an unexpected twist when she has an encounter with Min Yoongi, a ghostly pale, malnourished boy living on the streets, with a painful past and doubts that drown him in the world he has grown to despise. Follow this twisted rollercoaster of love, friendship and family as they discover their feelings for each other. In here, you will read about how an orphan and a homeless struggle to find the purpose of their lives through the obstacles thrown hinder their path. In this story, you will witness the overcoming of troubles, depression, and underconfidence through a girl trying to bring a change into someone's life. All to make up for her horrendous mistakes. But is Yuna really as beautiful as she looks? . . . →First in Bangtan Cape Of Colour Awards →First in Bangtan Purple Awards →First in Love Yourself Tear Awards →First in Crystal Snow Awards →First in Heungtan Sonyeondan Awards →Second in Her Awards →Second in DNA Book Awards →Third in Red and Gold Bangtan Awards →Third in Kpop Rainbow Awards *THANK YOU SO MUCH @stanselubooty FOR THE COVER EDITING LOVE YOU FAM


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The Stree...
by Monstahoe