BTS and Blackpink B...
By lovehurtzbaby
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Disclaimer: Here is another BTS and Blackpink fanfic. I do not own the characters and this is purely fiction, meaning it did NOT happen in real life. This is mainly focused on Jimin and Rose. Meet Jisoo, as they call her "Ms. Perfect". She possesses almost all good qualities a lady must have. However, she always demands perfection from Everything. One day, she met an Arrogant, unrefined man which changes her view about people. Who may it be? Meet the Gangleader, Jennie. A cold-hearted, mean and selfish gangster who views the world of being a useless place. The truth is, she was never loved. Her parents died at such a young age and was supported by her Uncle who made her for what she is today. Meet Rose, the playgirl of the Century. Due to her first failed relationship, she swore to make others feel the same pain she experienced. Little did she know that someday, she will begin to accept that no man is the same. Lastly, meet Lisa. The maknae and most treasured member of the group. She lives with Jichu Eomma and due to Jichu's strictness towards Lisa, she became innocent and doesn't know a lot of things in the world.

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BTS and B...
by lovehurtzbaby