Cold Hearted Bastard
By Dipsey
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His fingers strayed to my arm, moving slowly up as he caressed me. Leaving my skin burning hot in their path. My breathing hitched as I gazed into his eyes, more black than green this time, swirling with lust. His face was so close to mine, I felt his warm breath against my cheeks. His lips slightly parted. "I want what I want," He said. I wasn't sure if it was directed to me or it was more self contemplative. But then his lips inched closer to me and I felt the tickle of them brush again mine. I knew I was in trouble. ________________________________________ We're all trying to figure out life, facing the obstacles it throws at us. Wynter Scott was doing just that. All set out for her already was her future and she was content with it. Or so she thought. Aspen Lake on the other hand is at rock bottom. He doesn't know how much more he could take. But when he meets Winter he feels something for the first time: Hope. She deserves so much better but being the selfish prick he is he doesn't think he could let her go.

Author Notes

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Cold Hear...
by Dipsey