Street Racing {BxB}
By j-jastin
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Racing in the streets it's either a passion or a death sentence sentenced by oneself. In most cases, if not all, your passion is your death sentence. For Jason McCann, racing was his life and along with racing, was cars. If he didn't own one already, he made sure to bet just that on a race and that is exactly what he does. He bets cars. Not in all occasions does he wins, which only makes him lose his own cars but for him, it is worthy. In more than five occasions have Jason gotten arrested for drag racing and public destruction. Yes, he have destroyed things as he races which made him leave his friends behind along with everything else he loves as his mom sent him away to live with his uncle Tim in Canada. Little did she know that her brother's son does the same thing Jason does? Race the streets? When the two cousins become practically best friends, the reason behind such bond is why Jason's mother sent him away in the first place. Crowds are gathered, friendships are made, people are arrested, places are destroyed and love is found on Street Races. Are car crashes on the equation? Yes. █║▌│█║▌║│█║▌║▌║ © copyright 2017

SR ~ "Call me JD"

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Street Ra...
by j-jastin