Puzzle Pieces - Law...
By LilliaMillie2
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You wake up in a room. A room with.. machines? And you hear beeping. And you seem to be underwater. Attached to wires, you walk to the middle of the room. And when you try to remember what happened, you get a headache and your mind goes foggy. "So you're finally awake?" Said a man from the corner of the room. "Wh-who's there?" You ask nervously. "My name is Trafalgar Law. I'm the captain of the Heart Pirates." He said. ~ You have a long journey ahead of you, (y-n)! You're going to find the puzzle pieces of of your memory and complete the jigsaw of your life, but, trust me. It'll be a long one. Tears, sweat and blood will be shed on this painful trip down Memory Road, but I think it's worth it. But here's the question... Do you think it's worth it's?

1: I Can't Remember

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Puzzle Pi...
by LilliaMillie2