A Week In The Game...
By Isabella_Scientia
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I open my eyes to see one of the dead kings of Lucis staring at me in front of the TV screen. 'Great, now I'm hallucinating.' "I shall grant you, (Y/n) (L/n), one wish. What shall you wish for?" He asks. 'Might as well play along.' "Ok, I wish I can live on Eos with the Chocobros. Be their friend, go on adventures with them, battle with them. That is my wish." "Your wish is granted, but with a catch, you will get what you want, but it will only last one week." With his sentence finished, he disappears into a million blue crystals. 'That was weird.' Suddenly my head starts pounding and my vision swims. As I black out, I swear I see the TV screen get closer.

The Wish

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A Week In...
by Isabella_Scientia