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The Wizarding World was saved. Voldemort was dead all thanks to the Golden Trio, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. The trio had basked in the glow of being heroes and saving their loved ones, however fate had terrible plans for them. As a final act of vengeance, the few remaining Deatheaters created a potion which granted a fate far worse than death. It caused the drinker to die...slowly, knowing everyday that they were to die. The Deatheaters poisoned the Trio, leaving the Wizarding World in a state of grief. Ron Weasley was the first to go. Giving one last painful goodbye to his family, friends, and the love of his life, Hermione, he died after just 3 months. Harry Potter was the next. Chaos stuck among the Ministry and St. Mungo's as they desperately searched for a cure. They couldn't bear to live without their precious savior, but before they could even run tests, he too died in the arms of his loved one, Ginny Weasley, 5 months after he drank the fatal poison. Now, Hermione Granger was the only one left. Her days were numbered and she spent most of the time in isolation, having just witnessed the death of her two best friends, parents completely unaware of her existence, and in a complete stage of depression. But what happens when she is admitted in to St. Mungo's and taken under the wing of one Healer, Draco Malfoy?

Chapter 1

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Say Somet...
by BurstingEagle