Madam President
By EllieBirdie
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She's just been elected to the highest office in the free world. He's the one sworn to protect her at all costs. With the most demanding, yet lonely occupation in the country, how will Abigail James persevere for the next four years? She has all the makings of a wonderful president, but at the end of the day, she's still human. Roman Harrison has always been the good guy. He spent his life on the straight and narrow and wound up in one of the most important positions in the country. When he's assigned as personal secret service to the first female president of the United States, his sense of duty and obligation, as well as his inhibitions, fly out the window. There's something intoxicating about Abby that he can't help but be drawn towards. He wants to break all of his rules when it comes to her. She not only needs a constant shield, but also a companion and friend she can turn to for support. The lines between the pair blur and rumors begin to circulate and make major headlines. The distraction from policy and seeming lack of respect for a female leader has the potential to jeopardize the presidency if things aren't handled carefully. Is there such a thing as mixing power and pleasure, or will duty to country take precedence to undying love?

Madam President

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Madam Pre...
by EllieBirdie